Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Give Your Guests a Unique Wedding Favor

On the day of your wedding, you have sorted out all of the details and hopefully every last thing is perfect. From the photographer to the caterer to the dress, each decision is made with a lot of thought. So what about a wedding favor for your guests? It is nice to have a unique favor but something that isn't going to take a ton of your time and attention.
When you give your guests a customized chocolate bar from Sweet Wrappings, you are giving them a unique wedding favor they will not forget. Sweet Wrappings makes customized candy wrappers for Hershey's bars and also Belgian chocolate bars. We even have wrappers for Hershey's Miniatures for a fun little treat.
Making your custom wrappers is easy. First you pick a theme from our library or we can help you create a completely custom design for an extra fee. Then you customize the theme for your wedding. You can include names, dates, messages, and even pictures. We make the wrappers, put them on the outside of the candy bar of your choice, and then ship you the finished product. Or if you prefer, you can order just the wrappers and put them on candy bars yourself.

Your guests will be thrilled to receive a tasty treat as a favor, but also something they can save as a keepsake. A customized and unique favor is a great way to show you have put attention into every detail, and want to say thank you to your guests. For more information about ordering personalized wedding favors, contact us today at Sweet Wrappings.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Sweetest Anniversary Party Favor

Congratulations! You and your loved one have been together for SO many years! It's worth celebrating, and you have decided that this is the year that you will have a big party to honor each other and all the time you've been together. What will you need?
Food and Venue
Well, of course you've thought about the food already! Make sure you line up your venue well in advance so there is no scrambling at the last minute for a place to hold your soiree. Will it be buffet style? Sit-down? Will you have a seating chart? These are questions you'll want to answer good and early so you can plan well and be less stressed as the big day approaches.
Make sure you mix up your music choices with modern and oldies, but especially some songs that were important to you and your loved one as you embarked on your journey together. You can also try to pick songs from each era that you have been together. Have fun with it!
A Photo Presentation
If you can do it, a presentation can offer a snapshot (literally?) into the time you've spent together, letting everyone take a journey with you as you revisit the good times you've had. A lot of people have access and know how to use something like PowerPoint which can be used to make this happen.
A Sweet Ending
party favor candy wrapperA party favor sets the tone for the ending of your party. Everyone has had a great time, enjoyed the photo presentation and done some dancing. Now, everyone is full from dinner, and as they depart, what will you give them? How about a personalized, custom wrapped candy bar?
Sweet Wrappings has several options to help you impart exactly the right message. You can even include a picture of the happy couple! With your names and date of your anniversary, no one will ever forget your special day. Contact us to see how easy it is to get custom wrapped candy bar favors, and then get back to working on that photo presentation. And congratulations again on your special day!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Personalized Bar Candy for Your Corporate Retirement Event

 So you're saying goodbye to that favorite employee as they retire. You want a way to tell them that they are extra special, and that they will be missed. You could tell them that in an easy way with personalized bar candy!
Want to custom design your retirement wrapper? Contact us so we can work with a design of your making. You can include pictures, names, and dates so everyone will remember this momentous occasion, and the honoree will feel, well, honored.

Picture of candy wrapper party favor
Retirement Candy Bar Wrapper
If you're not so much into the design part, but still want something special, we have plenty of retirement designs that we can customize with name and date. From a ticket stub design to flag waving, we've got your candy covered.

Speaking of candy, we have options for that as well! We can put your wrappers on your choice of Hershey's or Belgian milk chocolate full-size bars, or Hershey's miniatures in a mixture of types! Want to supply your own chocolate? You can order just the wrappers and pick up any bar or miniature chocolates that fit the occasion.
A retirement party needs a banner, and what better than a banner that matches your favors? You can now order a banner that will match in three different sizes, or more upon request. Made of a durable material and including grommets, a banner is perfect for indoors or out.

The person who is leaving your company has been special throughout their career. Make sure they know that you know how much they have given by giving them a sweet send-off. Contact us to find out how easy we can make it for you to show them your appreciation.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Personalized Candy Makes the Perfect Wedding Favor

If you are looking for the perfect wedding favor for your upcoming event, you might have thought of a lot of different options. One exciting option that you might not have considered, however, is having personalized candy made for your event. Sweet Wrappings allows you to choose from a nice selection of different types of candy, and you can choose to have a customized wrapper made to suit your wedding day. These are a couple of reasons why this is a great choice.
wedding candy wrapper favorAffordable
You have probably already spent enough on your wedding, and even though you probably want to truly show your guests a token of your appreciation for them coming to your event, you might not want to spend a lot of money on favors. Candy is an affordable option that will still be greatly appreciated.
Perfect for a Mixed Group of Guests
Your wedding guest list is probably varied, and that means that you have to choose favors that everyone will like. This is why candy makes a great choice. After all, who doesn't love candy? It's appealing to men and women alike and can be great for guests of all ages, from the ring bearer and flower girl to your great-grandparents.

As you can see, personalized candy makes the perfect wedding favor. Before you spend a lot of money on favors that everyone might not like, consider checking out the selection at Sweet Wrappings and ordering your personalized candy. If you'd like to find out more about your options for your big day, contact us today!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Chocolate Favors for Baptism: A Very Good Gift

Baptism is a common practice in the Christian faith where a person who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior is submerged in water by the pastor to show their body being "cleansed" from sin and to start a new life in the Lord.
Personalized Candy wrapper
Personalized Candy Wrapper by: Sweetwrappings.com
Some people have a small reception afterwards to celebrate this new chapter in their life. Because this is a celebration, you want your family and friends as happy as you are. What is one thing that makes everyone happy? That's right: chocolate!
Anyone can order a cake from their local bakery or warehouse club and let it end there. Do something that will have everyone remembering this special day for years to come. Customized candy bar wrappers are a great idea for a favor for baptism. You have three options: buy the full size Hershey bars or miniatures with your customized wrappers or just buy the wrappers. 
There are so many design options to choose from that will give your guests a sweet ending to a blessed celebration. You can add pictures, a Bible verse or whatever you choose. Please contact us for more information on ordering your customized candy bars. 
Remember whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. "For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, for it is made holy by the word of God and prayer."
1 Corinthians 10:31, ESV
1 Timothy 4:4-5, ESV

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Personalized Candy Wrapper Invitations Are A Sweet Deal

Even though digital reservations, invites, and online event registries are now the norm, most people still appreciate an invitation they can hold in their hands. Punch up your next party invitation with a personalized treat from Sweet Wrappings. Our chocolate wrappers are an easy and affordable way to make an impression and let your guests know that they are in for a great event.
Perfect for baby showers and birth announcements
Want a cute way to invite guests to your best friend's baby shower? Send out chocolate shower invitations. We have dozens of baby themes to choose from, so that you can find the ideal wrapper, whether you're planning a whimsical, vintage-inspired baby shower or a fun, playful event. Or, you can design your own for a customized look that matches your shower decor beautifully.
Save the date!
Your guests will be sure to remember your big day if you say it in chocolate. Choose a wrapper from our wedding themes that captures the tone and complements the style of your celebration. As soon as they're done enjoying the chocolate bar, your friends will circle your date on their calendars.
Birthdays just got a little sweeter
Make your child's birthday magical and memorable. There's no better way to invite your daughter's friends and family to her sixteenth birthday than with personalized candy wrapper invitations. We have an entire collection of Sweet Sixteen designs to choose from.
A little now, a lot later
We also wrap Hershey's Miniatures! Wow your guests and preview the party to come by sending out an invitation with a personalized fun-sized candy bar attached. Any of our designs can be customized to fit the Hershey's Miniatures. For the biggest impact, make sure to have matching full-sized bars at the event itself.

Customized candy wrapper invitations help you show your guests hospitality before they even walk through your doors. Contactus for more information about how to order your custom candy bar wrappers.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Honor the Graduate with These Custom Graduation Favors

A graduation is always an exciting event that is worth celebrating. Whether you know someone graduating from high school, college or even a training program or certificate program, it is fun to host a party for the graduate.
Graduation parties are usually well attended, and people like to give the graduates gifts of money that they can use as they move forward with their lives. Since the guests of the party are usually so generous with the graduate, it is nice to give the guests a graduation favor to thank them for attending the party you are hosting.
A graduation favor can be any small gift that the recipient will appreciate. If you're looking for an affordable graduation favor that really honors the graduate and that your party guests will be glad to receive, we have a great idea.
You can give your party guests the gift of chocolate with a customized wrapper. You simply purchase standard sized Hershey bars, and slip off the brown Hershey wrapper and replace it with a special wrapper that you design yourself. You can include your graduate's photos, as well as some fun facts about them. You can include their favorite quote, or even any awards, scholarships or other honors they have received.
The guests of the party can enjoy the chocolate inside the wrapper and keep the wrapper as a memento of the fun time they had at your party, celebrating the accomplished graduate. They may display the wrapper on their fridge, use it as a bookmark or include it in a scrapbook.
If you would like to know more about how simple it is to design your own custom wrapper, please contact us.