Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Personalized Chocolate Candy Bar Wrappers Can be a Big Win for Your Company

Americans love chocolate!  Whether young or old, calorie conscious or one who never watches what he or she eats, for most, a creamy morsel of delicious chocolate is hard to resist.
In fact, according to the Bloomberg Business Week chocolate has topped the list of "top-selling sweets" for over a half-century.  Whether it is milk chocolate or dark chocolate, chocolate seems to touch a soft spot in our hearts and our bellies.
For businesses, capitalizing on America's love affair with chocolate can be a sweet plus for a companies' bottom line! 
The appeal of chocolate dates back to centuries ago when the Aztecs looked upon chocolate as a coveted gift that was worthy only for the most esteemed.  Chocolate was so desirable, in fact, that those who gave the gift of chocolate were viewed as wise and the possessor exquisite taste. 
While chocolate's role as a luxury item reserved only for royalty and the gods has undergone an accessibility makeover, it still sends an amiable sentiment to those who are on the receiving end of a chocolaty gift and partake of its rich flavor. 
Think of this way.   When people eat chocolate they experience those warm fuzzy feelings and feel a lift in their spirits.  When people receive and enjoy a chocolate piece that connects back to your company, you have a win-win situation. 
At Sweet Wrappings the possibilities for sending personalized messages are endless. If your goal is simply to send a thoughtful message or if you just want to creatively gain exposure for your company's name or logo, personalized candy wrappers can help you to connect with potential customers without putting a huge dent in your advertising budget.  

A personalized message wrapped around a chocolate candy bar or chocolate miniature piece is a sweet choice for your business.  Contact us and speak with a representative today!  We can help you to create the perfect personalized candy bar wrappers for you. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Christening Favors for Modern Families - Quick and Easy

It’s no secret that for many, christenings are a beloved and essential part of contemporary family life. As such, they are usually accompanied by a semi-formal or formal gathering that includes mementos for the guests. The good news is there are quick and easy christening favors that modern day parents may choose from.
One quick and easy christening favor that parents may want to try involves filling tiny baby bassinets with custom wrapped Hershey’s miniatures. The mini wrappers could be decorated to look like the christening child.  All the parents would need to do is obtain a clear photo of their child and have it printed onto the wrapper.
If large christening favors are desired, there are other options. For instance, parents may want to create candy wrappers that include one or all christening symbols and use them to package full-size, white chocolate bars for each guest. At Sweet Wrappings, we have a variety of readymade Christian symbols on file that would work perfectly with full-size chocolate bars. They could easily standalone or be paired with scriptures and baby photos.
In addition to serving as christening favors, custom wrapped chocolate bars could also be used to create table centerpieces. For example, a custom wrapped christening favor could be attached to the center of a floral foam cross. The rest of the cross could then be filled in with white, faux flowers. Afterward, the parents could place the each of the crosses onto individual stands and set one onto each guest’s table.
Towards the end of the party, the family could play the penny under the tea cup game and award the crosses to the winner. If the game is not an option, the cross centerpieces could always be picked back up by the parents and distributed in another way. For more information about quick and easy christening favors like these, please contact us at Sweet Wrappings. #sweetwrappings

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Looking for a Bridal Shower Favor? - Candy Makes a Great idea

Are you looking for a unique idea for a bridal shower favor? If so, perhaps you should consider chocolate bars with custom-designed wrappers. There’s a huge selection of designs to choose from, so you are sure to find one that commemorates your special day just perfectly.
When it comes to giving these candy bars, here are some ideas you may want to consider:
Have the wrapper printed as an informal “save the date” for your guests to enjoy. This can be an excellent idea for those who would like to send save the date cards, but feel they are too expensive to be included in their wedding budget.
Include a photo of the bride and groom on the wrapper. This can be perfect for guests who have only met one or the other, as it will help them feel as though they know both of them before the big day arrives.
Have miniature candies printed up, and then tie them up in netting in bridal colors. Place a bundle of candies next to each guest’s seat so that people can enjoy them as soon as they arrive. Place a few more miniatures in a bowl near the cake and punch so that each guest can pick up a couple to enjoy with their refreshments.
Use full-sized chocolate bars as door prizes for some of your games. Have candy wrappers printed in more than one design, and then allow the winners to choose the one they like best.
Include a thank-you note on the back of your wrapper and a picture of the couple on the front. Mail these candy bars to guests after the shower is over instead of traditional thank you notes.

We’re sure you’ll come up with lots of other ways to use these personalized wrappers the next time you throw a bridal shower. With so many choices available, the hardest part will be choosing which one you like best.  Contact us today to find out more.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Impress Your Guests -Favor party personalized

One of the unique and unusual ways individuals can give others a personalized experience is by using personalized party favors. Your event will go from possibly forgettable to memorable with Sweet Wrappings. This company has literally hundreds of candy bar wrapper designs and can make elegant party favors for your special event. You can work with friendly, customer service professionals to create the wrapper design you can be proud of and use. Guests will love their own personal party favor that will always remind them of attending the special event. It is quite a tribute to your guests.
  Get your favor party personalized from Sweet Wrappings, and have a simple yet elegant way to thank your guests for attending your event. It is one of the great ways you can acknowledge guests. Visit the website and pick from our wonderful wrapper selection or create your own. It is a great way to compliment your guests for attending your event, and to give them a way to remember why they wanted to come. 
Take a few minutes to review the website and see some of the wonderful design wrappings that are available. You may find exactly the right theme to customize the occasions. Conversely, designing your own wrapping is certainly a possibility. Even when the candy bar is long gone, the guests will have a way to always remember the event with a personalized wrapping. This is one of the items they may look to keep for a time or maybe forever.
We can sell the candy bars as well as their wrappings. You may have your choice of bars as well as sizes. Make your special event unique when you choose from of the options presented. Use a variety of these candy and wrapper options to give your guests satisfaction. Make your event something that will give your guests a reason to smile. contact us

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A wonderful way to share memories - Personalized Chocolate Bar Wrapper

Special occasions are, well, just that. A special day that occurs rarely or even once in a lifetime. There is not a better way to preserve the occasion and share the memories with your guests than by offering them each a personalized chocolate bar wrapper.
A delicious, Hershey’s chocolate bar wrapped with your personal touch and love. Perfect for any occasion.
Imagine throwing a 50th wedding anniversary for your parents or grandparents and delighting them and their guests with a chocolate bar wrapped in a picture of the guests of honor. For sure your party would be the talk of the town.
Of course, after any party that you attend it's always proper to send thank you notes. Be creative and send personalized chocolate thank you bars instead of note cards. 
Having a baby? Instead of passing out cigars when the baby is born offer personalized chocolate candy bars instead. Your candy bar wrappers could include a picture of your new baby, the baby's height and weight, etc. The possibilities are endless. After all, not everyone enjoys a good cigar, but almost everyone enjoys chocolate.
Of course, the personalized wrappers are great for birthday parties, retirement parties, any type of party. 
Easily come up with your own ideas. Here at Sweetwrappings we offers endless possibilities to personalize your own candy bar wrapper. 
Order the wrappers with or without the candy bars. If you choose to have the candy bar included you have the choice of a Hershey chocolate bar or Belgian milk chocolate - yum. 
What ideas can you come up with for using the personalized chocolate bar wrappers?
Of course, anytime you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to contact us

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Anniversary Custom Candy Wrappers~ Share the Love

Are you trying to think of something special for your anniversary? If you already have your surprise gift set up and you want to plan something else special why not surprise your true love with a personalized chocolate bar? Anniversary custom candy wrappers are wonderful gifts for all those chocolate lovers out there. It very well shows them your deep appreciation by putting some time and thought into it. At Sweet Wrappings, we specialized in adding a fun addition to parties, weddings, holidays, and anniversaries. Our wrappers are completely personalized by you! The front, the back, and the inside of the wrapper can display your thoughts and affections to the receiver. 

We have plenty of pre-designed templates that are made with care and designed to be heavily edited with the wording of your choice. A few examples of our anniversary wrappers include Anniversary Keepsake, Bamboo Lovebirds, Blue Stripe, and Black N White Anniversary. You can personalize all of our wrappers in a standard format, modified format, or a completely custom format designed to your liking. To create a well thought out keepsake, you may include personalized photos to add to your wrapper. For example, the day of your wedding would be an absolutely lovely idea for your anniversary. You can either snail mail or email your photos to us and we’ll make your idea come to life vividly. Remember that the better quality your photo is, the better it’ll come out on the wrapper. If you find this idea intriguing, contact us, and we’ll create a timeless wrapper you and your lovebird can enjoy.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Birthday Party Favors and Gifts ... and Candy

It is summer and the season of weddings, birthdays, and backyard bbq's. Do you want to make your party different? Dreading the birthday party favors and even gifts? Struggling to come up with an original idea?  Try a personalized candy bar and see the delight on everyone's faces.
Birthday party favor bags usually contain a bunch of junk from a dollar store. Usually the candy in the treat bag is the highlight for my kids, so why not design special treats in which the candy is the overall treat? Get rid of bags and all the useless, cheap toys and go for something more.
Candy bar birthday favors can be for young children or adults. For a youngster's party, you can pick out a character design and even personalize each bar for your guests. A one-year old celebration can be celebrated with one year old personalized candy bar treats!
Sweet 16 happening at your house? Delight all of the girls with a bar with their name on it, or a phrase that is said most by your sweet 16 year old. Either way, guests will squeal when they see these treats waiting for them.
Is it a 21st birthday party that you are attending? Make festive "drinks" on the candy bar label! Give that 21 year old something more to remember, rather than just a hangover. Put recipes of delicious drinks on the wrapper, or make the wrapper look like the wrapper of something a little more sultry!
Finally, over the hill parties to attend? Put words of wisdom or jokes on candy bars. Fill a basket full of this "advice" and give to the lucky partier. They will surely be happy to receive this unsolicited advice that they can peel off and keep forever.

Personalized candy bar labels will make the best birthday party favors and gifts. Use these wrappers to make your guests laugh and chuckle and for the shining star to smile themselves. For more information, please contact us.