Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Order Custom Candy Wrappers to Celebrate These Three Occasions

Do you have a celebration or party planned for a child? A great way to personalize the celebration and make it fun and exciting is by ordering custom candy wrappers. It's a great way to customize the party and surprise the person the party is being planned for. Here are three occasions you may want to order custom wrappers for, along with some design ideas.
Birthday Parties
What better way to surprise the birthday boy or girl than to set up the surprise party with wrappers saying "Happy Birthday!" and containing the child's age? You can create custom happy birthday wishes, and you can even create wrappers with the child's photo on it. You can even have a photo of your child as a baby alongside a recent photo, with a message to the tune of "How Much You've Grown!".
Graduation Parties
Celebrating your child's graduation from elementary, middle, or high school will be a much more joyous occasion when you celebrate with custom wrappers. Order your child's favorite treats wrapped with congratulatory messages to let them know how proud you are.
Bar and Bat Mitzvah Celebrations
When your child reaches 13 years of age (12 years of age for girls), you may have the custom of celebrating this milestone with a Bar or Bat Mitzvah party. Whether the party will be held in a hall, synagogue, temple, Jewish Center or your house, you can spice up the occasion with custom-themed wrappers containing Bar/Bat Mitzvah messages and Jewish symbols.

For more ideas and to check out some great designs, just contact us.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Which Wedding Reception Favors Help Bridal Couples Embrace the Boho Trend?

The trend towards throwing Boho themed parties started in Europe towards the end of 2016 and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. Americans are embracing the chic look of all things Boho too and that includes 2017's bridal couples. So what does the Boho trend mean for wedding reception favors this year and possibly the next? Let's see:
The theme's foundation stretches back to the decade of extremes and juxtapositions. Yes, we're talking 1960s here. Portions of the nation were very much in to doing their own thing. So it was typical to see the stereotypical, free-wheeling hippies in one section of an American town and conservatively dressed fans of Camelot in the other.
The hippie vibe is what many brides are embracing today. So we expect wedding reception favors to have a distinctly retro feel. To achieve that nod to 60s nostalgia, brides have several options. For instance, they could choose to personalize candy that was popular throughout the turbulent decade. In terms of chocolate, that category would include Big Hunk, Abba Zaba and 100 Grand bars, just to name three.
Couples that didn't want to go that retro could stick with modern chocolate bars. They're readily available and inexpensive. Plus, they could make the candies appear to be from the Bohemian fueled era by altering the wrappers. With that said, wedding reception favor wrappers meant to inspire Bohemian thoughts should be colorful. After all, much of the 60s vibe centered on free expression and experimentation.
In addition to being colorful, wedding reception favors for Bohemian bridal couples could feature retro graphics and phrases. The phrases could be extremely short while still getting the point across. For example, there could be wedding reception favors marked as "for cats" or "for chicks." The first term was slang for men and the latter means women. For more suggestions like these or to order Bohemian inspired favors of your own, please contact Sweet Wrappings today.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Chocolate Favors Help Sweeten All Relationships Throughout the Business Year

The New Year brings a wealth of opportunities to start, grow or revive a business. So, which stage of business development do you hope to tackle now that 2017 is here? Do plan on including employee recognition programs into those strategies? If not, there is strong evidence out there that suggests you should start a program that takes more than one aspect of employee relations into consideration.
For a look at some of the documentation, check out old issues of Scientific American® and some of the white papers published by the National Business Research Institute. Collectively, they show that how employees relate with you; their peers, other supply chain members and customers all have a distinguishable impact on many areas of a business. They also indirectly note that helpful programs don't have to include designer watches and European vacations.
Periodically buying chocolate favors and other customizable gifts for employees is enough in many cases because it's seen as personal. The personalization is key because it shows you've invested time in getting to know something about your employees and the same goes for longstanding customers. They tend to prefer the personal touch over receiving generic gifts too.
At Sweet Wrappings, we make putting a personal touch on every gift easy. Our chocolate favors come in several flavors and sizes. Plus, the wrapping selections vary to suit both business and personal needs. Some of the selections also come without the chocolate. So, they may be stowed away without the fear of spoilage and given to employees as needed.

Having chocolate favor wrappers on hand also helps in instances where you may want to welcome or reward an employee in real-time. Just think about it. There is no need to wait for the gift to arrive in the mail.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Bring Chocolate Flavor As Baby Shower Favors

If you have ever been stumped on what to contribute to make a friend or relative's baby shower fun and unique, you are not alone. Luckily we have your solution! Since just about everyone loves chocolate, bring our baby shower themed personalized candy wrapper favors! Below are three ideas that we thought of for bringing customized chocolate bars to the next baby shower you go to.
#1 Go For The Funny
People love getting together and laughing at pictures that show how ridiculous they once were. Find funny pictures of the mom-to-be from throughout the years and have them become the wrapper for Hershey's bars! The new mom and all of the people at the party will get to have a good laugh, and some great chocolate.
#2 Take The SWEET Route
If you are attending a baby shower chances are that you have some great memories with the new mom. Find a picture of the new mom that shows what a sweet person they are (and an even sweeter mom they will be) and have it become the wrapper on Belgian Milk Chocolate Bars. It's a great way to show how much you appreciate being around for this special occasion, and everyone gets to enjoy some sweet Belgian chocolate!
#3 Make 'Em Pretty
Not feeling the photo theme? Check out our Baby Events Themed Candy Wrappers. You can pick a pretty design and customize a message. The rest is already designed for you! You will have pretty candy wrappers with some pretty tasty chocolate for everyone.
If you're feeling inspired to bring personalized chocolate to your next baby shower please contact us for help with your design. We would love to hear your ideas and help you get started.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Chocolate Wrappers for Christmas!

Are you looking for a unique way to thank your child's teachers at Christmas? Teachers get a lot of gifts for Christmas, especially teachers who work with young children. While well-intentioned, teachers end up with so many mugs, ornaments, and novelty items that they quickly become overwhelmed with things for their desks and homes.
Candy is a great gift. It's perfect for the holiday season and is consumable, literally! The teachers can enjoy the chocolate and save the personalized wrapper with the rest of their keepsakes without taking up space.
One way to do it is to create a candy wrapper with your child's photo on it. Use the wrapper to describe some of the great things your child has learned in school this year. On the day before Christmas vacation, your child can distribute one candy bar to each of his or her teachers, including the ones who teach fun subjects like art and music. Don't forget the school secretaries and bus driver!
Another more versatile suggestion is to create a wrapper that describes milestones both in and out of school. Then your child will have a special gift just from him or her to give to not only teachers, but grandparents, aunts, uncles, and family friends. Your child will be proud to give them out, and everyone will surely remember the adorable gift for years to come.
To find out more about designing a candy bar wrapper for Christmas gifts, contact us. We're excited to help you make a Christmas gift from your family that everyone will enjoy.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Choose Personalized Party Favors for a Baby Shower

If you are throwing a baby shower for a friend or family member, you are giving them an amazing gift. A shower provides an opportunity for all their friends and family to give them gifts to help set them up for success once they have their little bundle of joy. But something to remember when throwing a great shower is to have party favors for the baby shower. Sweet Wrappings offers unique and personalized party favors in the form of candy bars with personalized wrappers.
We offer Hershey candy bars, Belgian chocolate candy bars, and mini Hershey bars, each with personalized wrappers to match your occasion. Or for do-it-yourselfers, we can provide you with the wrappers and you can wrap your own candy bars.
Here is how it works. You can pick from our many designs for different occasions-baby showers, weddings, wedding showers, baptisms, birthdays, graduations, promotional gifts, and more. Add your personalization like names, dates, colors, and even photographs. And if you don't see something that is just right for you, we are happy to create a custom design for an extra fee.
So for that baby shower you are throwing, personalize with baby's name (if they have decided already), an ultrasound picture, or the due date. Personalized candy bars are also the perfect favor for a gender reveal baby shower. Give your guests favors to represent the baby's gender, announcing "It's a girl!" or "It's a boy!"
For more information on creating custom party favors for a baby shower, contact us today at Sweet Wrappings.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Custom Candy Bar Wrappers Make the Perfect Baby Shower Favor

When it's time to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, the event should bring about sweetness and happiness for everyone in attendance. You can use personalized candy bar wrappers to help welcome baby and shower love on the parents-to-be.
Make it Personal
Choose from a variety of adorable designs, and then add your own information. You can create a pink wrapper for a baby girl, blue for a baby boy or a gender neutral design if it's a surprise. Include the names of the new parents or even the baby's name if you know it already.
You can even choose a wrapper based on a specific theme like sports or the movies.
Take the customization one step further with a photo. Use the baby's sonogram picture, or feature baby pictures of the new mom and dad.
Make it Sweet
Chocolate is the perfect celebratory treat, and it is sure to bring a sense of fun and excitement to your guests.
A candy theme is perfect for baby showers, and your personalized candy wrappers can be the perfect focal point. Set up a candy bar and decorate the room with cardboard lollipops, gumdrops and peppermint sticks.
Make it a Memory
Your custom candy wrappers not only give your guests a tasty treat to take home, but they also provide a beautiful reminder of the day.
Guests can easily press a candy wrapper into a scrapbook or even put them up on the refrigerator to enjoy.
Don't forget to save a wrapper for the baby's parents to add to the baby book. Or put one in a frame along with a picture of the new baby, and give it as a gift in honor of the newest family member.
Personalized candy wrappers are an easy but impressive way to celebrate at a baby shower. Give these favors to your guests, and your shower is sure to be a success.

Contact Sweet Wrappings for design ideas and more.