Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Save the Date, With Chocolate!

Everyone is constantly trying to think of something that "hasn't been done." Especially the bride looking to make her wedding unique and memorable. To set the tone for a one-of-a-kind wedding, your save the date delivers first impressions to family and friends. Yes, you can make a fun magnet, bookmark, or postcard announcing your upcoming nuptials. But how much sweeter would it be if delivered in chocolate?
At Sweet Wrappings, we love delivering the best news with the memorable sweetness of a chocolate bar. We have many options available depending on how much detail you'd like to include for your save the date. From a simple date in the font of your choice, to engagement photos, the date, and colors to match your wedding vision, your personalized candy bar will leave a lasting impression on family and friends.
Of course, in addition to your personalized letter, you will be announcing your wedding date through a universal language: chocolate. Each chocolate bar carries with it love and comfort in its sweet essence. You've now incorporated more than one of the five senses in your save the date: sight, touch and taste. By linking more senses, more emotion, to your announcement, your guests will more likely, not just remember the date, but RSVP and look forward to your big day with anticipation of what other surprises might be in store.

Visit us at Sweet Wrappings to see our sample products, ask questions, and begin planning the personalized and memorable design of your save the date. Remember, once they've eaten the chocolate, your family and friends still have a keepsake to hang on their fridge or tuck away in an album! #sweetwrappings

Thursday, March 16, 2017

How to Reward Your Students With Custom Candy Wrappers

If you're a teacher and you want to get your young students on their best behavior, then doling out candy rewards is a great way to do it. However, you can make it even more exciting and effective by using customized and personalized candy and chocolate bar wrappers. Here are some ideas.
Behavior Rewards
You can order a whole stack of candies, with the individual names of your students on personalized candy wrappers. Stock up on enough candy wrappers for each student. When a student is on their best behavior for a week or another set period of time, reward them with a candy that has a personalized "Good Job!" message -- with their name -- on the wrapper.
Homework Rewards
Order another set of candies that has a general message complimenting students for doing their homework. Create a "store" where each candy costs a certain amount of a custom "currency" you create. Every time a student does their homework, give them a preset amount of this "currency," and when they have enough "money," they can buy a candy from your store.
Test Rewards
Create a similar system to reward students when they get good marks on their tests. You can order candies with messages complimenting students on their good marks and for studying well, and then offer them to students who achieve good scores.

These are just some ideas! As a teacher, you should be creative and come up with many great ideas to reward your students. For all sorts of customized candy and chocolate bar wrappers, just contact us. #sweetwrappings

Monday, March 13, 2017

Bridal Shower Favors for the Out of Town Maid of Honor

You just found out that your best friend from high school is getting married. In two months. And you're the Maid of Honor.
This puts you in charge of planning a bridal shower. And since the bride lives in a different time zone than you, you're planning a party to take place in a city different from your own. Yikes.
But before you panic, Sweet Wrappings can help make checking a couple of items off your to-do list a little easier.
First, bridal shower favors. Design a custom wrapper with a photo of the couple with the wedding date, a photo of your close group of friends with your favorite quotation, or a photo of the bride with sweet sentiments collected from some of her friends. Whatever design you choose, getting them to the event location will be easy. Ship them ahead to someone who lives near the bride so that they're ready and waiting for you when you arrive or since they are compact, simply pack them up and they're ready to travel with you.
Second, is an idea to mix things up! Feeling overwhelmed by needing to design, print, trim, fold and mail invitations to the bride's guests? Let the custom wrapper be your invitation! They are easy to design from the comfort of your own home and then the bride's friends will not only receive a warm invitation, but they'll have a sweet treat to enjoy whether they're able to attend the shower or not!
Hopefully these ideas help make planning a bridal shower a little less stressful, no matter how far away you may live from your best friend and bride-to-be.
Contact us today so we can help you make it an event she'll never forget!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Use a Custom Candy Wrapper for a Unique Gender Reveal for Out-of-Town Family and Friends

Custom Candy Wrapper There's so much excitement with the promise of a new baby, and it's fun to involve family and friends in all the months leading up to the big day. Back in the day, parents didn't find out the gender of the baby, leaving it as a surprise for the day the child was born. Over time, parents decided it was better to know ahead of time, in order to be better prepared with gender-specific clothing and nurseries, but that did take some of the fun out of it. Gender reveal parties solved that, with parents able to find out whether they are having a boy or girl in a fun and unique fashion. Unfortunately, family and friends who live out-of-town often miss out on the fun, but you can still let them be involved by using a custom candy wrapper.
In a gender reveal party, parents and friends gather and find out together whether the baby is a boy or girl. Sometimes they find out by cutting into a cake, discovering whether the filling is blue or pink, and other times a bunch of balloons are released in the appropriate color. The same fun moment can be celebrated with loved ones who don't live close by. Simply design your own custom pink or blue candy wrapper, and mail them the sweet announcement. You could do one standard-sized bar, or a bunch of miniature candy bars to stick with the baby theme. And then, with the use of video chatting, you can watch parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and friends open the package and see the reaction and share the moment together.
Custom candy wrappers can be created using different colors, sayings, and even pictures. Family members will love the sweet treat and the sweet announcement to go with it. To find out more about creating your own gender reveal candy bar, contact us. #sweetwrappings.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Oh, Baby! Fun Baby Shower Favors for the Mom-to-Be and Her Guests

Babies bring so much with them: joy, hope, and the promise of new beginnings. We all know it's not just the mother-to-be who gets excited about the new little one - friends and family can't wait either! Celebrate the new mom at her shower, and get everyone else in on the fun with customized baby shower favors!
Here are three exciting ways to share in the fun!
1) Use these as cute party favors. Greet guests as they walk in the door with their own chocolate bar keepsake to commemorate the event, or give them out as people leave as a sweet reminder of the fun they had! Imagine the smiles on their faces as they realize their candy is personalized!
2) Prizes for baby shower games. We all know them: from guessing the baby food flavors to collecting diaper pins from anyone who says the word "baby", games are a staple at many baby showers. Up the ante by using personalized sweets as prizes. While not everyone enjoys the games, these favors will certainly "sweeten" the experience (get it?)!
3) Refreshments for your guests. Personalized favors look so cute on the refreshment table. They don't have to be off to the side, either - you can make them the main event! Who says there HAS to be a cake? Fun, themed chocolate bars are just as sweet, and much less hassle!
No matter what the theme, preferred colors, or whether you're welcoming a new little boy or little girl into the world, Sweet Wrappings has just what you need to complete the finishing touches on the perfect baby shower.
Don't wait! Contact us today to get started on the perfect personalized favor!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Candy Wedding Favors Expected to Make Sweet Impact on Millennial Couples

Brides Magazine's writers have let their secret predictions out! Food, especially desserts, will likely be front and center this year. So candy wedding favor should be at the top of every Millennial couples' list. The personalized favors may be designed and ordered online. Plus, the finished sweets may be worked into wedding day plans in a number of ways. For proof, sink your teeth into these:
Hello and Good Night
Why not leave candy wedding favors at the host hotels? Ask the front desk staff to present them to wedding guests as they check in or have the maids place some on each person's pillow. For local guests, leave the candy wedding favors with the transportation service or maitre-de. We're sure if it's worked into their respective service contracts ahead of time, these providers would be willing to help distribute candy wedding favors to guests.
Did Someone Say Candy Bar?
Since Brides Magazine's writers also believe non-traditional goodies will be in, we suspect candy bars will make a comeback. Once popular only at Sweet 16s and QuinceaƱeras, we've seen such overflowing displays successfully used at weddings too. The key to candy bar popularity will be variety. So therefore, Millennial couples with bars in mind should plan on choosing more than one custom wrapper.
Nibble Away at Boredom
Lastly, candy wedding favors could be used as conversation starters or activity prompts. In that regard, think about hiding messages of some sort inside the candy bars' wrappers. Take a look at popular question and answer style board games for inspiration. Afterward, rewrite the inquiries with the bridal couple, wedding theme or an ice breaker activity in mind.
To learn more about obtaining candy wedding favors in time for 2017 nuptials and working them into bridal plans, please contact our Sweet Wrappings Team today.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Choose your wedding colors then select a custom wedding candy bar wrapper

Take a deep breath. He proposed!
Ok, maybe she proposed. Maybe you just talked it over and decided it's time to set a date. We don't judge. We're just thrilled that you are here at this turning point in your life. Next comes your wedding! Selecting a color theme makes the logistics of your wedding preparation much simpler.
Depending on when and where the wedding will be, you may be thinking of spring flowers or summer beach sunsets. Whatever your timeline, the seasonality of your wedding date - which will be your anniversary season for the rest of your life together - can help decide your wedding color palette.
By way of example, perhaps you are keen on citrus tones - say, lemon yellow and tangerine - for your special day. (Remember, this is an example: you can easily substitute your own favorite color.) Let's see how this works for the couple who wants the sunny glow of yellow to shine on their nuptial day.
For the couple who embraces yellow in the springtime, the feeling is oh so floral.
Your florist will have many options in yellow in the springtime. Daffodils, Ranunculus, Freesias... the list is stunning. While flower meanings are all over the map, many people see transcendent friendship expressed in a bouquet of yellow roses. How perfect for saying that you are marrying both your true love and your best friend. Now choose colorful invitations and custom candy wrappers like this joyful citrus example or this garden lovebird treat.
Yellow and tangerine can guide your sunny summer wedding plans.
Yellow in summertime says sunflowers, the beach, or just as easily a bright orange beach ball or cheerful poolside toy. Yellow summer flowers include the lavish Zinnia, providing a visual anchor for everything you need.
A chocolate bar for a welcome gift bag can burst with your optimistic color like this intense monogrammed treat.
Yellow and tangerine. If that combo's not for you, look for your own favorite tones among our wedding candy bar wrapper collection. Color the wedding of your dreams from the first announcement all the way through to the thank you notes. And never forget the candies! Our single purpose is to help you create the perfect, memorable wedding treats you are looking for. Please get in touch.