Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Planning a Big Birthday Celebration? Personalized Candy is the Perfect Touch

When someone you love has a special birthday coming up, your thoughts turn to celebrations. Whether you're planning a surprise party for your best friend's 30th or a family gathering to commemorate your grandmother turning 80, one way to be sure guests remember the occasion is to give out personalized candy.
Imagine your guest of honor's smile when she sees her picture with a birthday greeting printed beautifully on a candy bar. This perfect favor is easy to create and really shows that you care enough to truly celebrate the person that you love. It's a one of a kind party favor that is as special and unique as the person you are celebrating.
Parties are expensive, and one way to cut down costs is to use party supplies that can do double duty. Use your candy wrappers as a sweet party decoration by placing one at each setting to dress up your tables, by scattering them throughout a buffet or by placing them in pretty, clear containers around the party location.
After the party, your personalized candy favors have one more job to do. When guests leave the celebration and enjoy the candy, they can keep the wrapper as a memory of the special birthday party they attended. Guests may put the wrapper on the refrigerator or cork board, or they may put it away in a memory book to be enjoyed years later.
Consider framing one of the wrappers as a unique gift for the guest of honor.

Birthdays are a celebration of someone who makes the world a sweeter place. We can help you make that day extra special with personalized favors. Contact us at Sweet Wrappings to get started.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A New Twist to Your Gender Reveal Party

 Finally! You've scheduled THE doctor's appointment that will decide so much of your future. Will the room be blue or pink? Airplanes or butterflies? Little suits with ties or tutus with bows? But don't get ahead of yourself. First you need to plan your gender reveal party. Everything will pivot around how you decide to announce to the world whether your little one will be a boy or a girl. You can pop a balloon, open a box, cut a cake, or add a twist that is lesser known and more unique.
By announcing your baby's gender with a candy wrapper, you can keep the secret from all your family and friends. You can easily place your order online at Sweet Wrappings by choosing what size bar, what design for the background, and what you want your bar to say. As your bar discloses "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!" there are still more unique options available to make it more personal.
Consider customizing your candy wrapper. You can send in a cute picture of you and your partner reacting to the news. Whether you're wearing your baby's colors or dancing in colored confetti, Sweet Wrappings can include your photo to make your wrapper a keepsake for all of your guests. Imagine, grandma framing your candy wrapper because it had a picture of your ultrasound with the news "It's a...!"

While candy wrappers may not seem the conventional way to announce your baby's gender, it is a new, unique way to disclose the exciting news. It can provide a lasting keepsake for your guests as well as a sweet treat at your gender reveal party. Please contact Sweet Wrappings with any questions and to create your own candy bar wrappers.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

From Birth to Graduation, Personalized Candy Wrappers Make Your Child's Event Memorable

Eighteen years of a child's life is full of special moments from birth, the first day of school, birthdays, baptism, sporting events, and graduation. Making whatever event you're celebrating in your child's life memorable will be doubly sweet with personalized candy wrappers, and Sweet Wrappings has you covered..
Babies are such a special gift, so announcing the birth of your precious one is just as special. Why not use a personal candy wrapper? You could be just as creative with the candy wrapper as you would with a regular paper announcement, only sweeter. You can also include these personalized wrappers as a favor during the baby shower.
The 1st birthday to the 18th birthday is a new milestone in your child's life. During your celebrations, you can have candy bar wrappers personalized just for the event. Save those special wrappers to cherish forever.
Having your child baptized is an important part of his or her life as well as confirmation, the first communion, and Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Celebrate the special event by inviting family and friends to a party and have your party favors personalized with candy wrappers made specifically for the occasion.
Children growing up through the years means first days of school. Now, the very first day of school is special, but what about the first day of Middle or Junior High and High school? Those are definitely special times as well. Keep that in mind when you want to celebrate your child's school years..
Is your child in sports, on a team, or in a group of some kind? Celebrate accomplishments, championships, winning events, or even have just a fun get together. Include a picture of the group on your personalized candy wrappers for the party to make it even more special.
Graduation. The end of an era. This is the last major event in your child's school years. Make it something to remember. Choose a theme that fits your child and throw a party to celebrate the hard work he or she has done over the years. That theme can go on a candy wrapper to have for thanking guests for attending.

Celebrating the special times in your child's life should be a time for him or her to cherish. Contact us at Sweet Wrappings to customize your personalized candy wrappers and make your child's event one to remember.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Three Things to Consider Including on Your Personalized Wedding Favors

Because you are a unique couple, you likely want your wedding day celebration to be as one-of-a-kind as you and your future spouse. If that is the case, one of the best ways to express the unique nature of your relationship is through personalized wedding favors, such as chocolate bars with personalized wrappers. While there are several things you can do to create personalized chocolate bar wrappers, here are a few things you may want to consider putting on your personalized wedding favor wrappers.
Favorite Photo
Whether it is one of your engagement photos, a fun photo you took on your date to a theme park, or another photo you love, a picture of you as a couple can be a fun addition to your personalized wedding favors. Plus, it can be an enjoyable experience to go through photos together and pick out your favorite.
Favorite Quote
You can include a favorite quote from a movie, a quote from a famous person, or a saying you both really like. You may also want to consider including song lyrics you both really like. Any saying that you think sums up your relationship could be fun to include on your wedding favors.
Nutrition Label of What's Important
Your fake nutrition label offers you an opportunity to show others what is important to you as a couple. This can be especially fun for those guests, such as distant relatives or friends you have not seen in years and who may not know you as a couple. Let people know you value humor in your relationship. Show people that sports are an important to you both. Express how valuable good communication is to the success of your relationship. Make your nutrition label what you want it to be.

Of course, there are many other things you can do to create wonderfully unique favors for you wedding guests. If you are interested in purchasing personalized candy bars for your upcoming wedding, contact us. You can buy either the candy bars with wrappers or just the wrappers.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What's so great about business specialty candy wrappers?

In a free market economy, consumers have choices when it comes to who they do business with. With today's electronic age, consumers are constantly hearing and seeing advertisement for businesses. So, what makes your company different? Why would a consumer remember you over a competitor? This is where Sweet Wrappings can help.
With Sweet Wrappings Business Specialty Candy Wrappers, in addition to appealing to a consumer's visual and touch senses, you are also appealing to their sense of taste. Combining three of a person's major senses lends to a stronger likelihood that they will remember your brand over the competitors.

If you've been in business for any time at all, then you have made the trade show and convention circuit. Nowadays, trade shows and conventions have become all about the free stuff given away at each booth. There's the useful, but very traditional (boring) pen, the sticky notepad with a company logo imprinted and maybe a water bottle here and there. Most of this is all mainstream marketing and does not lend to unique, memorable impressions.
With these unique wrappers, you have set your business above others with a creatively branded giveaway. When people walk away from your booth, the candy goes with them and because it's a perishable item, it is less likely to get thrown in the bottom desk drawer. Instead, people have a great reminder of your company after the initial introduction to your business at the convention.
Click here to view samples of business wrappers and get your imagination started on how you will design your wrappers for your business. Don't take our word for it, read what other people are saying about it. Make an impact that people will remember. Contact us today to get started!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sweet and Personalized Wedding Reception Favors

Weddings are a joyous and celebratory occasion, but they can also be a stressful one, especially with so many details to look after during the planning. Chocolate favors are the perfect solution because they are sure to satisfy any guest's sweet tooth. Sweet Wrappings has the custom wedding reception favors that will remind your guests of your unique celebration.
The best part about custom wrappers is that they can fit any theme. Take a look at some of these designs that can be personalized for your wedding:
               For a more formal affair, try an elegant look with your monogram and some pretty vines.
               If your wedding is red carpet ready, keep the movie magic going with a Hollywood Strip Wedding wrapper
               For fall-themed weddings, maintain your orange and red inspirations with an autumn leaf design.
               Hot and sunny beach weddings deserve wrappers that will spark memories of your happy day. Try a custom wrapper with a seashell design!
               For a wedding that celebrates chocolate along with love, try a fun Wonka design wrapper.
These designs and many more are available at Sweet Wrappings. But if none of our designs quite fit your vision, don't worry! Make a favor that's truly unique to your wedding and theme with a fully custom wrapper design.

Chocolate favors are an easy way to personalize your wedding favors and send your guests home with a sweet treat. If you're ready to wow your guests with a custom favor, contact us to learn more about how we can help!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

That's a Sweet Wrapper: customize your celebrations

Every month offers the opportunity for a celebration. National holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, graduations, births and new businesses are a constant occurrence. A happy and special occasion is even sweeter when it's personalized by Sweet Wrappings, a company with almost twenty years in the business of turning events into experiences.
Sweet Wrappings designs candy bar wrappers that are not the standard paper-and-foil cover. The company's products can fit a variety of bar sizes, from the Hershey© miniature size up to 1.55 ounce bars. If you want a wrap outside their design box, Sweet Wrappings can create a custom announcement unique to your occasion.
How it's done
All the theme and design choices are available on the website; you choose your occasion, the chocolate bar size you are using (if you want wrappers only) or order the bars already wrapped in your design. Then add the messages, photos and art to your wrapper. Get creative with the ingredient list, amount/serving and even the nutrition facts; this is one package that is both fun and flavorful.
Customized candy: more than a sweet treat
Sweet Wrappings' customized candy bar wrappers are more than just the pretty delivery of a favorite snack. The wrappers are keepsakes for many guests; an item photographed, shared and saved with other mementos of happy times. The company's designs give new meaning to advertising by word of mouth!
Attract attention at an attractive price
Sweet Wrappings offers custom wrappers for a variety of candy bar sizes, and sells wrappers only, giving customers the option to buy and wrap their own bars for a lower price. The wrappers are particularly attractive for business owners: these wrapped candies are an edible business card. A prospective client gets a free snack and information about the business for future use.
Wrappers that represent YOU
Anyone can open a business, celebrate a milestone or observe a holiday. Sweet Wrappers turns the same old thing into something special, the standard into sensational. Their artwork is more than a candy cover: it's a party favor, a company brochure, and an announcement that this occasion is all about YOU.

The company's three-step design-and-order process is fast and easy, and the pleasure of giving something personal to guests, friends and colleagues begins as soon as you open the box of candy.