Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Baby Christening Favors - Wrapped Candies - An Alternative Spin

customized christening candy bar wrapper
Your baby’s christening is a special event that’s the first sacrament introduction to Christianity. This is different from a baptism, since a baby does not understand the words of faith yet. You have the decision to make this a formal party and even allow guests to give your baby gifts and words of love. If you want this special and intimate christening to stand out, get creative with your baby christening favors. Why not wrap your candy bars in wrappers that stand out and will forever hold the memory of the day? At Sweet Wrappings, we take your special events to heart and create lovely customized candy bar wrappers to share with your friends and family. We have plenty of templates that are suitable for a baby’s christening, whether you want it to be serious and formal, or lighthearted and whimsical. You are allowed to put your own text on the wrapper anywhere you see fit. You can add the date of the christening as well as the baby’s name and some words of encouragement and kindness for your guests. You can also customize the back of the wrapper with our specialized styles. This will make your candy wrapper even more unique and innovational. You get to choose from a plethora of products such as wrapped full Hershey bars, mini bars, or Belgian chocolate bars. Of course, each bar will be wrapped with your customized christening wrapper. You can even purchase the wrappers alone if you already have an idea in mind. If you’re curious about how to customize your own party favor, contact us and we’ll show you how we work our magic.customized baptism candy bar wrapper

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Hershey’s miniatures personalized candy wrappers for your next party!

Ordinary chocolate bars are now a thing of the past! personalized candy wrappers, for any occasion and with any design can be ordered right online! Whether you have a special event, need promotion, or just a sweet gift, wrap it up with Sweet Wrappings! With 100's of designs to choose from, all at reasonable prices, you can personalize all your unique party favors. Plus you get the added bonus of chocolate, a sweet treat for everyone!
Whatever the special occasion or event, this is the party favor that will never disappoint! And even after your guests eat their candy bars, they still have a memory for the scrapbook! And what kid wouldn't want chocolate bars for party favors? Make sure you keep them up so no one is tempted early! You might want to buy a few extra, just in case.
Hershey’s miniatures personalized candy wrappers

This is such a great, affordable idea for small businesses just starting out or any business in need of promotion! Of course it is a great gift for weddings, business meetings, graduations, baby showers, or even a family reunion. The design possibilities are endless. And at these prices, you might want to just order some for your own candy stash! Another added bonus- the chocolate bars are tasty Hershey’s miniatures and straight from the source in Pennsylvania! 
So, what are you waiting for? For a unique, cost-effective party favor for any occasion, a thank you for your guests, or just a sweet personalized treat- contact us #sweetwrappings.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Personal Chocolate Favors, a Sweet Treat for Any Occasion

The unusual and extra-ordinary always beats out something that is typical. Old fashioned chocolate wrappers don’t give enough sparks, especially if they are going to be favors at a holiday party or get together. With customized chocolate favors, you will be able to surprise your guests with a heartwarming, inspiring, or interesting message and visualizations. Sweet Wrappings gives you an amazing experience with completely personalized chocolate bar wrappers for any occasion of your choosing. Since you can design them to your liking, you’re adding a ton of personality to your party and giving everyone a fun and delicious time. We have dozens of template themes for many events including baptisms, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and even corporate marketing tools. If none of our pre-made themes lightens up your interest, specially designing a wrapper for you is our specialty! Hershey Bar Party FavorsTake a look at our special request gallery and see a plethora of custom designs we have created for customers in the past. If you need your wrappers to suit your event perfectly, give us all the details of how you want it to look. Send photos and give us the exact text you want sprawled on your uniquely made chocolate wrapper. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the result and it not, please let us know what we can tweak to make it incredible!
Don’t forget you can place the photos anywhere on the wrapper, as well as have the text on the front, back, and inside. Contact us today to get started with your creative and original custom chocolate bar wrappers.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A wonderful way to share memories - Personalized Chocolate Bar Wrapper!

Special occasions are, well, just that, a “special day” that occurs rarely or even once in a lifetime. There is not a better way to preserve the occasion and share the memories with your guests than by offering them each a personalized chocolate bar wrapper.
A delicious, Hershey’s chocolate bar wrapped with your personal touch and love. Perfect for any occasion.
Baby Announcement  Candy Wrapper
Imagine throwing a 50th wedding anniversary for your parents or grandparents and delighting them and their guests with a chocolate bar wrapped in a picture of the guests of honor. For sure your party would be the talk of the town.
Of course, after any party that you attend it's always proper to send thank you notes. Be creative and send personalized chocolate thank you bars instead of note cards. 
Having a baby? Instead of passing out cigars when the baby is born offer personalized chocolate candy bars instead. Your candy bar wrappers could include a picture of your new baby, the baby's height and weight, etc. The possibilities are endless. After all, not everyone enjoys a good cigar, but almost everyone enjoys chocolate.
Baby Announcement  Candy Bar Wrapper Of course, the personalized wrappers are great for birthday parties, retirement parties, any type of party. 
Easily come up with your own ideas. Sweet Wrappings offers endless possibilities to personalize your own candy bar wrapper. 
Order the wrappers with or without the candy bars. If you choose to have the candy bar included you have the choice of a Hershey chocolate bar or Belgian milk chocolate - yum. 
What ideas can you come up with for using the personalized chocolate bar wrappers?
Of course, anytime you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to contact us.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Best Birthday Party Favors Today- Personalized Chocolate Bar Wrappers!

Personalized Candy Wrapper

Would you love to throw a creative and imaginable birthday party? One of the best birthday party favors you can add are personalized chocolate bar wrappers. This may sound simple, but that’s all it takes for guests to notice and become curious as to how you got your wrappers professionally made. At Sweet Wrappings, we take an ordinary chocolate bar wrapper and turn into magic. It is not only inspirational but a myriad of fun as well.  If everyone at the party has a hankering for chocolate, our wrappers are the perfect favor that will create memories to last a lifetime.

Our wrappers allow you to add your own customized saying whether it be a simple “happy birthday!” or a personalized message. You may also choose through our many specially made templates to give the wrapper vibrancy. If our templates don’t appeal to you, there is always the option to get your wrapper customized to your own needs. For a small extra fee, you can tell us exactly how you want your wrapper to look by using our design request form. There, you can describe the details such as who is the audience, the message, and any mandatory design idea you want incorporated.
Personalized Candy Wrapper
To jazz it up to its fullest, you can even add a personal photo that we will add on to the wrapper’s layout. For something a little more special, a personalized message can be added inside the wrapper as well. If you or someone you know enjoys chocolate, why not show your appreciation with a personalized chocolate bar wrapper? If you would like to learn more about our company, contact us!