Tuesday, December 11, 2018

All is calm, All is bright - Immerse yourself in the magic!

Legend would have it that on Christmas Eve 1818 the organ in this little church broke down, some say as a result of a hungry dormouse attacking the organ bellows. The quick-witted organist penned a tune on the spot to Mohr’s words that could be accompanied easily on the guitar. And the threat of a truly silent night was averted. it's estimated that its lyrics alone have been translated into at least 140 languages. 
Image of personalized candy bar wrapper for christmas
Silent Night Candy Wrapper
So gifting this special sweet message wrapped around chocolate is something truly spectacular that everyone can understand! Truly immerse yourself in the Christmas magic and include a more memorable experience with favors that come in personalized candy bar wrappers and your guests can keep the wrapper as a souvenir. 

Sweet Wrappings® has helped hundreds of individuals and businesses promote special events, say thank you to Friends, Family, Customers, & Employees, create new business relationships with sales handouts, and celebrate private holidays with party favors, since 1999. What if your message was wrapped in a 
Personalized candy bar wrappers how sweet would that be?

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Impress Your Guests With Custom Candy Wrapper Party Favors!

Would you like to impress the guests at your next party? Well, instead of giving them a cheap party favor that breaks almost instantly, why not give them candy wrapper party favors? They won't throw these away immediately, but instead they'll have a great impression of you as they enjoy eating their chocolate candy bar after the party is over.

With personalized candy bar wrappers, your guests feel as though you've taken the time to think about them and choose a meaningful gift for them. You can even find wrappers that coincide with your party's theme or reflect the guest of honor's personality. Regardless of your choice here, your guests will have a way to remember just how much fun they had at your party.
Image of personalized candy bar wrapper
Monogram Anniversary
Now that you know this is what you want to treat your guests with, you'll find yourself amazed by how easy it is to get them. 
All you have to do is contact us. We'll help you wade through the many options that are available on our website to find something that's perfect for you. If you don't know what you want, we can also help supply you with some ideas. Once you narrow down your choices, we'll print them up for you on high-quality paper and with really good ink too. Although this sounds expensive, it's truly not. In fact, your order is inexpensive, and it will also arrive quickly. So, in reality, there's no reason not to opt for these gifts for the guests at your next party. You can make your event even sweeter and more memorable with favors that come in personalized candy bar wrappers and guests can keep the wrapper as a souvenir.
Personalized candy bar wrappers can turn an ordinary chocolate bar into something truly spectacular! #sweetwrappings.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Looking for Christmas Magic? - Do a little something extra for someone!

When we’re young, Christmas is all about traditions, such as writing letters to Santa Claus, baking Christmas treats and making decorations for the tree. However, as we get older, and perhaps spend Christmas away from our families, traditions can start to fade. It is easy to get consumed by the commercial side of the season, which can take away some of the joy and magic. 

To recapture the magic of Christmas this year, take some time out from the hustle and bustle and stress of the season and spread some love and joy instead! Don’t give up on tradition. If you want to fully experience the Christmas magic, it’s important to immerse yourself in the festivities and get involved with as much as you can. 

Image of Personalized candy wrapper fro Christmas
Santa's Night Ride
Recapture that sense of wonder this year by gifting a special sweet message wrapped around chocolate.Personalized candy bar wrappers can turn an ordinary chocolate bar into something truly spectacular!  

Personalize the back or leave back to include your special hand written message. For more information on how simple it is to design and order personalized candy bar wrappers, please contact us today. We can’t wait to get started on your order and help make your holidays even happier.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Personalized Candy Wrappers: Stuff Their Stockings With Something Sweet!

With just week’s left to finish you Christmas shopping, you should have most of your major gifts purchased. Now you have to take a little time to put some thought into the smaller items that will round out your Christmas shopping. What do you want to put in the stockings of the people you love this year?
Every family seems to have slightly different traditions surrounding stockings. Some open gifts on Christmas Eve and save the stockings for Christmas morning. Some put small, cheap gifts in the stocking. Other families put expensive, small gifts in the stocking. Some families have specific items that they know they will receive every single year in their stockings. Many people include chocolate, candy or other treats in their stockings.
image of personalized candy bar wrapper
Christmas Wisdom
You can create an exciting new family tradition this Christmas, by ordering personalized candy bar wrappers. These wrappers are designed to fit over a standard Hershey chocolate bar, but you get to design exactly what the candy bar wrapper will look like. You can fill it with some of your favorite photos of your family.. You can put Christmas trivia on the candy bars. You could even use the candy bar to announce your plans to take a family vacation, by putting photos of the place you will be visiting together, or making the wrapper a series of clues for your family to unravel.
Holiday Candy wrappers : #sweetwrappings For more information on how simple it is to design and order personalized candy bar wrappers, please contact us.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Order personalized candy wrappers for your next holiday party!

Ordinary chocolate bars are now a thing of the past! Personalized candy wrappers, for any occasion and with any design can be ordered right online! Whether you have a special event, need promotion, or just a sweet gift, wrap it up with Sweet Wrappings! With 100's of designs to choose from, all at reasonable prices, you can personalize all your unique party favors. Plus you get the added bonus of chocolate, a sweet treat for everyone!

image of Personalized Candy Wrapper for Christmas
Winter Fun

Whatever the special holiday occasion or event, this is the party favor that will never disappoint! And even after your guests eat their candy bars, they still have a memory for the scrapbook! And what kid wouldn't want chocolate bars for party favors? Make sure you keep them up so no one is tempted early! You might want to buy a few extra, just in case. So why not send your greetings to your loved ones with an additional sweet chocolate bar? Personalized candy bar wrappers can turn an ordinary chocolate bar into something truly spectacular!

This is such a great, affordable idea for small businesses just starting out or any business in need of promotion! Of course it is a great gift for weddings, business meetings, graduations, baby showers, or even a family reunion. The design possibilities are endless. And at these prices, you might want to just order some for your own candy stash! Another added bonus- the chocolate bars are tasty Hershey’s and straight from the source in Pennsylvania!  

So, what are you waiting for? For a unique, cost-effective party favor for any occasion, a thank you for your guests, or just a sweet personalized treat- contact us

Thursday, June 14, 2018

How to: Create the "Party Buzz" at your next special event.

What if your party greeting was wrapped around a chocolate bar?  How sweet would that be?  It's a creative solution for just what to give party attendees, guests, classmates, co-workers and clients. Consumers who've wanted a unique give-away for special events or any occasion have found that a personalized candy bar wrapper, professionally designed and wrapped around a chocolate bar, creates quite a buzz at parties or corporate functions. You can make your event even sweeter and more memorable with favors that come in personalized candy bar wrappers and guests can keep the wrapper as a souvenir.

Anyone planning an event from a bridal shower, wedding or gala event, to a sports banquet, from an anniversary party to a birthday party, looks for a fun and creative party favor.  Sweetwrappings.com offers pages and pages of professionally designed wrapper choices for any occasion.  Customers can personalize the front and back of the wrapper, even incorporate a childhood or heirloom photo into their design.  

When someone is celebrating a milestone birthday or a 50th Anniversary, its extra special, and really makes the party buzz to include an old photograph and it gets such positive results, the guests just love it, and it’s often the talk of the party. Get the BUZZ. Visit us today and see what we have to offer. #sweetwrappings

Monday, June 4, 2018

Party Favors with Personality: Custom Wrapped Hershey Candy Bars!

When you throw a party, you want every detail to be perfect. Whether it's your child's birthday, a wedding reception, a special anniversary or a family reunion, you know that those little extra touches are what make your event truly memorable! One detail you should never overlook is providing your guests with a favor, a little "thank you" to let them know you appreciate them taking the time to celebrate with you. Personalized Hershey bar wrappers are the perfect way to say thank you in a very tasty way.
Personalized candy bar wrappers can turn an ordinary chocolate bar into something truly spectacular! In addition to being a unique and customizable party favor, our personalized candy bar wrappers can also serve as a memorable way to promote your business. Hand them out at trade shows and other corporate events - they are like edible billboards for your company! 
Whatever your needs are, we offer personalized Hershey bar wrappers with designs you'll love. We offer pre-designed wrappers for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays - whatever! All you have to do is add your personal touch - wedding date, business logo, etc. -- and that's it! You've got a party favor with personality that your guests, customers or clients will never forget.