Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Past Traditions Behind Chocolate Wedding Favors

There are so many wedding favors and gifts available for you to choose from today. One of the choices that so many people are enjoying is the chocolate wedding favor . Made from some of the world's finest chocolate, this is a great, innovative option that you must consider. You can even go so far as to transform these into the center of attention by setting up a beautiful wedding favors table full of chocolate candy bars for each guest to take home with them.
Wedding candy wrapper
In Greece, the traditional wedding favor is sugar-coated almonds. These are known as "Koufeta." Odd numbers of them are placed in small bags and placed on silver trays from which they're served to guests at wedding receptions. They symbolize the invisible bond that the newlyweds formed. Since not everybody likes almonds, why not opt for a rich, yet plain, tasting candy bar for your wedding reception?
Choosing the right wrapper for on your candy bars will depend on your wedding's theme. They can range from casual to elegant, matching your wedding's invitations or decorations. For help making the right decisions about these things, you'll want to contact us so that we can point out items in our online catalog that you may have overlooked.

Regardless of what your wedding traditions may consist of, there's no doubt that uniquely wrapped candy bar favors will not only fit in, but they'll also be a big hit among your guests. So, don't forget to add this special touch to your wedding day!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Should Consider Chocolate Favors for Your Event?

Few snacks and treats invoke as much pleasure as chocolate favors, and that includes every type and flavor available. If there's one treat that is going to stick in the mind of a guest, it's going to be a delicious piece of chocolate. Now, if you personalize the wrapping of that delicious piece of heaven, now you're turning it into a memory they are going to treasure. Usually, the wrappers to these candies are kept long after the treat inside is devoured.
Personalized Candy BarsFor those who can resist temptation, they might also choose to keep the chocolate in a safe place, but it still becomes a memento that reminds them of a great day or night. So how you can take advantage of this for your next party?
Since it might take too much time to do a straw poll on who is allergic to what, find out which chocolate favors don't contain nuts or anything that might be dangerous. Then, when you find your favorite in that group, you can ask if warnings will be posted on the labels, to let people what the ingredients are. This should cover the bases so guests will know what's inside and take precautions when necessary.

Considering this is not the most serious favor gift, you can have a lot of fun when you design the packaging. Contact us and let us know what message you're trying to communicate so we can make some experienced suggestions for you. We are excited about helping you design the best party and send memories home with your guests, and we have all the tools to do that. When you offer chocolate to your guests packaged with love, they are going to go away feeling special and honored, and happy to celebrate whatever is important to you.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Special Wedding Reception Favors : Delicious Chocolate with a Unique Wrapper

Personalized Candy bar
Are you ready to get started with ideas for your wedding reception? There are so many things you do for this special and memorable event, but if you don’t want it to become too cliché, try something unique and original. Coming up with perfect wedding reception favors is not an easy task, especially if you don’t want to go the traditional route. Here’s an idea; custom made chocolate wrappers with delicious Belgian chocolate inside. No guest will forget that memory of sumptuous chocolate with an elegant wrapper that matches the theme and your personality. Sweet Wrappings will specially design an exclusive wrapper that will even match the color scheme of the reception. Gold and silver, black and white, pink, blue, yellow etc. are excellent colors for a reception and your wrappers can match these hues. To keep the memory alive forever, you can order your wrappers with custom text that states the date of the reception and the name of you and your beloved. This will surely wow your guests with its beautiful scripture font and yummy treat waiting for them inside. If you prefer to use a template for your chocolate wrapper, we have 100s of designs that can fulfill your creative needs. Our line of beautifully crafted wedding themed wrappers will surely delight you, and if not, let us work our magic and design one especially for you!  Contact us for more about service and get perfect wedding receptions favors that will complete your event.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Looking for a wonderful way to share memories? - Personalized Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Special occasions are, well, just that, a special day that occurs rarely or even once in a lifetime. There is not a better way to preserve the occasion and share the memories with your guests than by offering them each a personalized chocolate bar wrapper.
A delicious, Hershey’s chocolate bar wrapped with your personal touch and love. Perfect for any occasion.
Imagine throwing a 50th wedding anniversary for your parents or grandparents and delighting them and their guests with a chocolate bar wrapped in a picture of the guests of honor. For sure your party would be the talk of the town.
Of course, after any party that you attend it's always proper to send thank you notes. Be creative and send personalized chocolate thank you bars instead of note cards. 
Having a baby? Instead of passing out cigars when the baby is born offer personalized chocolate candy bars instead. Your candy bar wrappers could include a picture of your new baby, the baby's height and weight, etc. The possibilities are endless. After all, not everyone enjoys a good cigar, but almost everyone enjoys chocolate.
Of course, the personalized wrappers are great for birthday parties, retirement parties, any type of party. 
Easily come up with your own ideas. Sweetwrappings offers endless possibilities to personalize your own candy bar wrapper. 
Order the wrappers with or without the candy bars. If you choose to have the candy bar included you have the choice of a Hershey chocolate bar or Belgian milk chocolate - yum. 
What ideas can you come up with for using the personalized chocolate bar wrappers?

Of course, anytime you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to contact us

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Hershey Bar Party Favors with Personality!

When you throw a party, you want every detail to be perfect. Whether it's your child's birthday, a wedding reception, a special anniversary or a family reunion, you know that those little extra touches are what make your event truly memorable! One detail you should never overlook is providing your guests with a favor, a little "thank you" to let them know you appreciate them taking the time to celebrate with you. Personalized Hershey bar wrappers are the perfect way to say thank you in a very tasty way.

Personalized candy bar wrappers, by Sweetwrappings can turn an ordinary chocolate bar into something truly spectacular! In addition to being a unique and customizable party favor, our personalized candy bar wrappers can also serve as a memorable way to promote your business. Hand them out at trade shows and other corporate events - they are like edible billboards for your company!

Whatever your needs are, we offer personalized
Hershey bar wrappers
with designs you'll love. We offer pre-designed wrappers for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays - whatever! All you have to do is add your personal touch - wedding date, business logo, etc. -- and that's it! You've got a party favor with personality that your guests, customers or clients will never forget.

We'll even add the photo of your choice onto your personalized candy bar wrappers. Perhaps you're celebrating a loved one's landmark birthday, your company's anniversary, or throwing a retirement party for a colleague. Why not create party favors that will truly honor the occasion in a one-of-a-kind way? 

Get started on your party favor adventure today. Contact us to start working on your custom candy wrappers.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A Tasty Marketing Tactic! : Promotional Candy Wrappers :

Personalized favors aren’t just for weddings and baby showers anymore. Creating promotional items is a big business and, if you want to stand out from the crowd during your next trade show or conference, consider using candy bar wrappers with your company’s name on them. You can include not only your basic contact information, but also your logo and some additional facts about the services you provide. It’s an "Edible Business Card" that people are sure to remember. 
Another option is to give out customized candy bars at business meetings, with agenda information or special notes printed right on the wrapper. Still another idea is to print a coupon on the inside of the wrapper and give the candy bars away at parties or other events. Everyone loves discounts and freebies!
Sweet Wrappings specializes in promotional candy wrappers for corporate events. You can order either full size or miniature chocolate bars. For even more flexibility, you have the option of choosing either wrapped candy bars in a variety of flavors and sizes or ordering just the labels and wrapping your own Hershey bars.
Why choose Sweet Wrappings for your candy wrappers? Here are three great reasons:
1.     Experience and longevity. We’ve been around since 1999, and our many years of service have led to hundreds of satisfied corporate clients. We also have the capacity to fill orders of various sizes, from two dozen up to 20,000 wrappers.
2.     Easy process for designing your unique candy wrapper. Using our online tools and consulting with our professionals, you can choose from a variety of creative graphic options, inserting names and other text, as well as having the ability to upload your own photos or artwork.
3.     Excellent customer service. We offer countless options for personalizing your custom candy bar wrapper, and we work with you until you are satisfied with the final design. Sweet Wrappings ships domestically and internationally, and we can rush shipments when necessary.
Need another reason? How about cost? With starting prices at less than $2.00 per candy bar, you can create a budget-friendly and effective marketing tool for your business. You can also feel confident that your efforts won’t be wasted on an unwanted or useless trinket that’s eventually tossed aside.

We can help you promote your business in the sweetest way imaginable. Contact us today to get started with creating your own custom candy wrappers.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Order personalized candy wrappers for your next party!

Ordinary chocolate bars are now a thing of the past! personalized candy wrappers, or any occasion and with any design can be ordered right online! Whether you have a special event, need promotion, or just a sweet gift, wrap it up with Sweet Wrappings! With 100's of designs to choose from, all at reasonable prices, you can personalize all your unique party favors. Plus you get the added bonus of chocolate, a sweet treat for everyone!
Whatever the special occasion or event, this is the party favor that will never disappoint! And even after your guests eat their candy bars, they still have a memory for the scrapbook! And what kid wouldn't want chocolate bars for party favors? Make sure you keep them up so no one is tempted early! You might want to buy a few extra, just in case.

This is such a great, affordable idea for small businesses just starting out or any business in need of promotion! Of course it is a great gift for weddings, business meetings, graduations, baby showers, or even a family reunion. The design possibilities are endless. And at these prices, you might want to just order some for your own candy stash! Another added bonus- the chocolate bars are tasty Hershey’s and straight from the source in Hershey Pennsylvania!   
So, what are you waiting for? For a unique, cost-effective party favor for any occasion, a thank you for your guests, or just a sweet personalized treat- Contact Us or call anytime at: 800-449-3948.