Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Your New Favorite Fundraising Tool | Custom Candy Wrappers:

Custom Candy Wrapper

Have you found yourself on a committee assigned to raise funds for a team or group? We've all seen the bake sales and raffles a million times. If you're ready to break away from the same old fundraisers and try something new, consider ordering custom candy wrappers –start by finding a great graphic for your  customized wrappers. A picture of a school mascot, a graphic showing the item you're raising money to purchase, or a catchy phrase are all great options. Design your wrappers and put in an order. Once they're delivered, get a team of volunteers together and wrap your labels around the candy bars.
Find a great spot to set up your fundraiser. Put up a table outside of an athletic event at the school to sell your custom wrapped candy bars to people who are already showing their support for the sport. Ask local businesses to keep a small display near their cash registers with a sign explaining what your group does and what the money is for. Even have members of the team or group take boxes of the candy with them to sell to people they know.
Custom candy wrappers will create a fun, unique fundraising opportunity for your group. Others in the community are sure to notice your efforts. As an added bonus, the wrappers can be saved so supporters can keep a reminder of your group long after the candy is eaten.

Get started on your fundraising adventure today. Contact us to start working on your custom candy wrappers.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Personalized | Customized | Chocolate Wedding Favors

Is a special wedding date right around the bend? Would you like to have memorable party favors that your guests will cherish? Why not create your very own chocolate wedding favor personally customized by you! Weddings are a time of love and prosperity, a wonderful tradition as well as a family and friend get together. Make your wedding even more festive and fabulous with delicious chocolate wrapped up in one of our specially made wrappers.
The design and text on the wrapper is all up to you! You get to decide how long you want the message and what type of art to display. The front and back is completely customizable. Our chocolate candy bar wrappers are extremely affordable and won’t make a dent in your hefty wedding bill. Each wrapper is uniquely designed by us and we make sure you’ll get the quality design you always wished for.
If you’re someone of few words, the message can be short and sweet, or as long and sappy as you wish. A great idea would be to use chocolate bars with our wrappers as invitations to the wedding. You can add the graphic art of your choice along with beautifully inscribed writing of your exact wedding date. On the back, you can add the information where the wedding is held and how to dress for it. This is just one of many wedding ideas you can conjure up with our unique wrappers. If this sounds too good to be true, contact us, and we’ll show you our customized wrapper process!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Create Perfect Baby Shower Favors, Custom Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Are you or someone you know having a baby shower? Would you like to create a special party favor for the event that will stay with guests for a lifetime? You can show off your creative side with fun and casual or ritzy and elegant personalized chocolate bar wrappers. As Baby shower favors,, these simple chocolate bar wrappers make an excellent addition to an already heartwarming and event. We at Sweet Wrappings allow you to design the wrapper in any way you deem fit. You get to not only design the front space, but also the back and the inside. 

There is no additional charge when you personalize your wrapper with dates, names, or the displayed design of your choice. We have a wide range of sample templates for you to choose from. If none of them tickle your fancy, you can request to get a fully customized baby shower inspired chocolate wrapper.
You tell us what you’d like to be depicted on the wrapper and we’ll show you the final product. You can also give us photos that we can easily print on the wrapper for safekeeping. If you’re looking for something just a tad different for a casual baby shower, try out our Hershey Miniature Wrappers! 

These wrappers are perfect for fun size Hershey candy bars and can be mixed with assorted candy. If you are planning an inventive baby shower with our custom wrappers, contact us. We’ll fill you in on how we can make you the perfect shower favor that you’ll remember forever. Candy wrappers for all occasions #sweetwrappings

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Custom Candy Wrappers: A Sweet Anniversary Reminder

There was a family story in my house as a child. Family legend said that at my parents' wedding, there were left over bar napkins that had been printed with their names and the date. Every year, about 1 week before their anniversary, my mother would pack an anniversary napkin in my father's lunchbox. She never announced it or noted it anywhere, but it was generally enough notice for him to make an anniversary plan and kept him out of 'trouble' for forgetting an important date for years!
How 'sweet' could that reminder story have been, if mom had wrapped him a Hershey bar in an anniversary custom candy wrapper? Sweet Wrappings has candy bar wrappers that can easily be applied to your own choice of sweet or stored, without candy, for years! Order quantities start low, with just 24 wrappers required and keep the cost low as well and wrappers take up very little space to store.

What a great surprise for your significant other to find a treat reminding them to plan ahead each year!

Contact us to plan your custom candy wrappers and surprise those you love with an unexpected treat that can last for years (the wrappers, not the candy!). #sweetwrappings

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Personalized Candy Wrappers and Other Ideas for Making Your Wedding Reception Unique

Whether you just got engaged or it happened several months ago, if you have started planning your wedding, your focus might be on creating a fun and unique wedding reception. While there are countless things you can do to create a unique reception, here are three ideas for creating a wedding reception that represents you.
Have Personalized Candy Bars
Most people enjoy candy. Create personalized candy wrappers to put on candy bars for your guest to enjoy. You can hand out full-sized candy bars to each of your guests as a thank you for coming. You could also place miniature candy bars on a table for your guests to enjoy throughout the reception. These personalized candy bars can include your wedding date, your names, a picture of you and your future-spouse, and other information that represents you as a couple.
Have Games
Many wedding receptions have food, dancing, and talking. Games are a great idea to entertain younger guests as well as a good way to get guests of all ages mingling. Some game ideas include having board games as the centerpiece at each table, playing games where someone asks wedding guests questions that pertain to the bride and groom, oversized board games, or outdoor games. The oversized board games as well as the outdoor games work well for summer weddings when there is an outdoor reception.
Skip the Cake
While most weddings include wedding cake, some people either do not like cake or want to go a different route. Cupcakes are a popular alternative. You could also replace the cake with pie, cookies, donuts, or your favorite dessert. You could even go with an assortment of dessert options or create a healthier alternative to cake by making the cake out of your favorite fruits.
While we can't help with everything wedding-related, we can help you create personalized candy wrappers for your wedding reception. Contact us to get started on creating the perfect personalized candy wrappers for your reception. #sweetwrappings

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

4 Ways to Use Custom Candy Wrappers for Your Business

Custom candy wrappers are great stuff if you're looking for unique ways to promote your business. Here are a few ideas of different ways you can use custom candy and bar wrappers to help your business grow.

Show Appreciation
Create custom candy wrappers to show appreciation to your hardworking employees. You can design messages that are customized based on the unique names, job titles and work of your employees. You can give these out on special occasions, such as holidays or on the anniversary of their arrival at your firm.

Custom candy wrappers are a great way to celebrate special occasions. This can be the anniversary of your business or even a special party to celebrate the arrival of a new employee. You can also use them at good-bye parties and surprise birthday parties for your best workers.

Use Them at Trade Shows
Attending a trade show and want to be remembered? Business cards will get tucked away in someone's wallet and may remain there untouched until spring cleaning comes around next year. But if you give out yummy treats with special messages on them, you're bound to be remembered -- along with positive emotions. It will also attract people to your booth.

Use Them for Marketing
Custom candy wrappers are also a good marketing tool. For example, you can have a stack of them available for your customers when they come to your store or wait in your office. Add some cold drinks and their appreciation of you will go up, along with their desire to come back again.

Want special candy wrappers that will help your business grow? Contact us today!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

3 Things to Consider Including on Your Graduation Favors

If you are graduating from high school or college, you may want to consider purchasing graduation favors as part of the celebration. They can be given out at the graduation party, given as a thank you to those who came to the ceremony, or simply given to those who supported you as you worked to get your degree. One great graduation favor your friends and family are sure to appreciate is a graduation candy bar. To make your graduation candy bars special for you as well those receiving them, consider including the following three things:
Your Thank You
Use this an opportunity to thank those who helped you along the path to graduation. This can be especially meaningful if the people you are thanking do not know you are going to include a personalized thank you. As a recent high school graduate, this a great opportunity to thank your parents or others who helped you with homework. As a college grad, it is a wonderful chance to thank your spouse, who put up with your long hours of studying and the nights you were at the library until nearly midnight.
Your Photo
Some people like to include a picture of themselves dressed-up and ready for graduation. Others find it fun to include a baby picture along with a recent photo on their candy wrapper. If you returned to college after taking several years off, you may also want to include both a picture of yourself when you were originally in college as well as a more-recent picture..
Future Plans
If you have kept your post-graduation plans a secret from many of your family and friends, now is the chance to let people know what you are doing. High school students can include information about where they are going to college or work opportunities. College graduates can include information about where they will be working. Even if your friends and family already know your post-graduation plans, including them on your candy wrappers can be a fun touch.
If you want unique graduation favors to present to those who have supported you along the way, contact us.