Thursday, April 2, 2020

Top Reasons to Choose Wedding Candy Wrappers as Favors

Out of all the weddings you've attended over the years, how many wedding favors do you remember? Understandably, there are many things taking up your time now, but you can't afford to give out another forgettable wedding favor. You want to thank your guests and show them that they mean the world to you. Therefore, you must stop to consider the top three reasons to hand out candy bars with a personalized wedding candy wrapper on them.
Photo of Wedding personalized candy wrappers
Personalized Wedding Candy 
The reasons that these are so popular today and why you want to get in on the trend include:

1  They're customizable. This allows you to make your wedding event both unique and memorable. It also allows you to show your own taste and style, turning your wedding into a one-of-a-kind occasion.
2  Everyone loves chocolate! You probably can't think of anyone who doesn't like it. It's one of the few foods that everyone can agree on eating. So, you don't have to worry about someone not appreciating your wedding favors..
3  They're inexpensive and yet they don't look "cheap." This is really helpful if you have a budget when planning your wedding. You'll save a lot of money on these, and yet they still look beautiful, classy, and even sophisticated.

Now that you're convinced that these really are the perfect wedding favor to hand out, you'll want to contact us so that we can help you decide how to personalize them. With so many choices available, we'll work with you to find the one that's just right.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Check Out! Bar Wrappers, Fun Ways to Make a Big Announcement

You've got an exciting announcement to deliver to your friends and family but you're searching for a unique way to share the good news. Why not give each person a sweet gift, like a candy bar with customized wrappers? Bar wrappers, that's candy wrappers for chocolate bars. fit the bill! All you need are some catchy ideas for your text. These suggestions could help you get started.
Photos of Themed Candy Bar Wrappers
Custom Candy Wrappers by: Sweetwrappings
Wedding announcement: Short messages like, "I said yes!" or "He asked me!" are cute and get straight to the point. If you prefer a more traditional announcement, write "We're getting married!" or "Going to the Chapel." With customized bar wrappers like the ones you can order from Sweet Wrappings, you can add additional too like the wedding date and your names. What a lovely and delicious wedding announcement!
Baby announcement: Can you imagine the faces of the grandparents as they read a personalized chocolate bar that reads, "It's a boy!" The candy makes a nice treat but this special wrapper will look great in a scrapbook or photo album. You can have the due date or announce the name of the child too.
Holiday messages: Want to share a special holiday message with the people you love? With Sweet Wrappings, you can do that! Add a special photo, clip art and even a block of text. Businesses can add a logo, business name or slogan. Say, "Happy Holidays, from the Jones Family!" For Valentine's Day, declare your love with a tasty candy bar, beautifully wrapped with a personal message.
Contact us for help creating the right candy bar wrapper for your occasion or event.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Special Event? - Order personalized candy wrappers for your next party!

Ordinary chocolate bars are now a thing of the past! Personalized candy wrappers, for any occasion and with any design can be ordered right online! Whether you have a special event, need promotion, or just a sweet gift, wrap it up with Sweet Wrappings! With 100's of designs to choose from, all at reasonable prices, you can personalize all your unique party favors. Plus you get the added bonus of chocolate, a sweet treat for everyone!
Picture of Personalized Hershey's Candy Bar
Personalized Hershey's Candy Bar
Whatever the special occasion or event, this is the party favor that will never disappoint! And even after your guests eat their candy bars, they still have a memory for the scrapbook! And what kid wouldn't want chocolate bars for party favors? Make sure you keep them up so no one is tempted early! You might want to buy a few extra, just in case.

This is such a great, affordable idea for small businesses just starting out or any business in need of promotion! Of course it is a great gift for weddings, business meetings, graduations, baby showers, or even a family reunion. The design possibilities are endless. And at these prices, you might want to just order some for your own candy stash! Another added bonus- the chocolate bars are tasty Hershey’s and straight from the source in Pennsylvania!   
So, what are you waiting for? For a unique, cost-effective party favor for any occasion, a thank you for your guests, or just a sweet personalized treat- contact us #sweetwrappings.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Personalized Chocolate Bar Wrapper - a perfect way to share memories

Special occasions are, well, just that, A special day that occurs rarely or even once in a lifetime. There is not a better way to preserve the occasion and share the memories with your guests than by offering them each a personalized chocolate bar wrapper.
A delicious, Hershey’s chocolate bar wrapped with your personal touch and love. Perfect for any occasion.
Imagine throwing a 50th wedding anniversary for your parents or grandparents and delighting them and their guests with a chocolate bar wrapped in a picture of the guests of honor. For sure your party would be the talk of the town.
Of course, after any party that you attend it's always proper to send thank you notes. Be creative and send personalized chocolate thank you bars instead of note cards. 
Picture of personalized chocolate bar wrappers
personalized chocolate bar wrappers
Having a baby? Instead of passing out cigars when the baby is born offer personalized chocolate candy bars instead. Your candy bar wrappers could include a picture of your new baby, the baby's height and weight, etc. The possibilities are endless. After all, not everyone enjoys a good cigar, but almost everyone enjoys chocolate.
Of course, the personalized wrappers are great for birthday parties, retirement parties, and any type of party. 
Easily come up with your own ideas. Sweetwrappings offers endless possibilities to personalize your own candy bar wrapper. 
Order the wrappers with or without the candy bars. If you choose to have the candy bar included you have the choice of a Hershey’s chocolate bar or Belgian milk chocolate - yum. 
What ideas can you come up with for using the personalized chocolate bar wrappers?
Of course, anytime you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to contact us

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Mix Business With Pleasure - Personalized Candy Wrappers

In today’s high tech, fast paced, media sensationalized world it can sometimes seem like a revolving door of advertisements. If you would like a different way to sweetly spread the word about your business, stop the spinning and open the door to Sweet Wrappings.

Since 1999 we have been providing personalized candy wrappers, which are the perfect way to promote your company. These wrappers can be filled with chocolate bars for you to handout to your current - and future - clients and customers.

Picture of Custom Candy Wrapper #sweetwrappings
Custom Candy Wrapper
With a myriad of designs to choose from, you can pick out a layout or you can create your own. Along with your own message we can even include photographs to give your wrappers a special touch. Look at our custom wrapper gallery to peruse through our samples. 

Not only are they the perfect promotional item they are great for corporate events, office parties and holidays. Additionally, they are also an engaging way to say thank you to colleagues, employees and friends.

Check us out Sweet Wrappings and see how chocolate bars can get all dressed up. They will no doubt leave a great impression, not to mention a great aftertaste!

To order or for more information, please contact us and let us wrap up your business needs.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Personalized Bar Candy Wrappers Add Festive Air to Holiday Gatherings!

With the holidays on the horizon, many businesses and individuals alike are starting to think about how to create a festive atmosphere. In our opinion, one of the greatest ways to do that is to invest in personalized bar candy wrappers. Here’s why:
Bar Candy Wrappers as Last Minute Gifts
For starters, personalized bar candy wrappers are an excellent way to handle last minute gifts. The custom candy wrappers come in different sizes and store easily. So you can use them to create last minute stocking stuffers, gift basket additions, hostess/host gifts and party favors. They would also pair well with assorted gift cards too.
Bar Candy Wrappers as Tablescape Items
Picture of Holiday Candy Wrappers
Holiday Candy Wrappers
In addition, personalized bar candy wrappers can be used to dress up a lackluster table. For example, you could create a candy house with the wrappers or another festive centerpiece. Furthermore, you could also use them as tasty, seasonal place cards. If you do decide to use the personalized bar candy wrappers as seasonal place cards, order a design that allows you to attach a name sticker or card to the back of the bar. That way, you can wait to create your seating chart until the day before the holiday gathering.
Bar Candy Wrappers for Office Staff
Looking for a way to add holiday cheer to an employee break room too? Consider ordering personalized bar candy wrappers for Hershey’s Miniatures. Then place the custom wrapped confections into a crystal clear bowl or holiday candy jar. The bowl or jar could then be placed into the break room, near the time clock or some other area where staff is likely to see it. For an extra-added surprise, contemplate incorporating specially marked, personalized wrappers into a holiday gift exchange program or seasonal raffle.
For more information about adding cheer to your next holiday event with bar candy wrappers, please contact us. We may be reached through the Sweet Wrappings website, or Facebook pages. 

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Advertise Your NEW Business with Business Specialty Candy Wrappers

Are you starting a new business and want people to get word of it? Of course with today’s technology, you can use many social media outlets for your business’s website, but why not do some old fashioned advertising as well? A unique and creative promotional gift will actually spark interest in people and they’ll check out what your business stands for. You can do this with business specialty candy wrappers that are completely customized. The wrapper acts as a mini advert for your business while the chocolate inside is a delicious treat. 

Picture of Custom Hershey's Miniature Candy
Custom Hershey's Miniature
Giving out chocolate bars is a little more personal than standard run-of-the-mill business cards. At Sweet Wrappings, we allow you to design the front and back of your wrapper so you can display your business’s name, location, and contact information. The front of your wrapper can be designed with your own logo and the back or inside of the wrapper can display the company’s phone number and email. Hand your customized chocolate bar wrappers out to friends and family or as a party favor. If you have an office, put your chocolate bars in a small bowl on your desk so guests and clients alike can take a few. We have a selection of different chocolate to choose from, such as regular sized Hershey bars, mini Hershey bars, and Belgian chocolate. We also sell the specialized wrappers by themselves if you want to add your own type of chocolate inside. If you think this is an interesting and inventive advertising idea, contact us and we’ll get started on your individual design!