Thursday, November 14, 2019

Advertise Your NEW Business with Business Specialty Candy Wrappers

Are you starting a new business and want people to get word of it? Of course with today’s technology, you can use many social media outlets for your business’s website, but why not do some old fashioned advertising as well? A unique and creative promotional gift will actually spark interest in people and they’ll check out what your business stands for. You can do this with business specialty candy wrappers that are completely customized. The wrapper acts as a mini advert for your business while the chocolate inside is a delicious treat. 

Picture of Custom Hershey's Miniature Candy
Custom Hershey's Miniature
Giving out chocolate bars is a little more personal than standard run-of-the-mill business cards. At Sweet Wrappings, we allow you to design the front and back of your wrapper so you can display your business’s name, location, and contact information. The front of your wrapper can be designed with your own logo and the back or inside of the wrapper can display the company’s phone number and email. Hand your customized chocolate bar wrappers out to friends and family or as a party favor. If you have an office, put your chocolate bars in a small bowl on your desk so guests and clients alike can take a few. We have a selection of different chocolate to choose from, such as regular sized Hershey bars, mini Hershey bars, and Belgian chocolate. We also sell the specialized wrappers by themselves if you want to add your own type of chocolate inside. If you think this is an interesting and inventive advertising idea, contact us and we’ll get started on your individual design!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Nothing Says "Happy Holidays" Like Chocolate!

You know everyone loves chocolate! But you want to stand out over all the other businesses gifts and be remembered for your creativity! Well we have the answer for you! Custom candy wrappers will make the impression you are looking for! As gifts for customers or vendors, with our business specialty candy wrappers, customize your candy bar to suit your individual style! Alone or as part of a hot cocoa ensemble these candy bars will be sure to stand out in their mind as unique. We here at Sweet Wrappings have a large variety of templates or can work with you one on one to create the perfect Holiday Greetings for your clients and vendors. At less than $2/ bar you can send one to everyone on your contact list! Custom wrappers are an economical way to say “Thank you for doing business with us!”For the company party, try a fun way to honor the hard work of employees by customizing a Hershey bar wrapper with personalized chocolate bar wrappers for commendation or promotion! Let’s get creative!For a fun idea get mini candy bars with custom wrappers to put inside a Christmas card or mini stocking or candy dish for clients who stop in! These great ideas don't just stop when the holidays are over! These products are available all year round! They are a great idea for trade shows, wedding give a-ways, baby shower give a-ways, and birth announcements, christening favors, graduation favors! What ever you celebrate in life, we can make it memorable!With over 20 years of experience we will help you create your own memorable gift ideas. Visit our Sweetwrappings webpage today!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Party Favors with Personality! Impress Your Guests –

One of the unique and unusual ways individuals can give others a personalized experience is by using personalized party favors. Your event will go from possibly forgettable to memorable with Sweet Wrappings.

personalized candy wrapper

Photo Candy Wrappers

Our company has literally hundreds of candy bar wrapper designs and can make elegant party favors for your special event. You can work with friendly, customer service professionals to create the wrapper design you can be proud of and use. Guests will love their own personal party favor that will always remind them of attending the special event. It is quite a tribute to your guests. Get your favor party personalized from Sweet Wrappings, and have a simple yet elegant way to thank your guests for attending your event. It is one of the great ways you can acknowledge guests. Visit the website and pick from our wonderful wrapper selection or create your own. It is a great way to compliment your guests for attending your event, and to give them a way to remember why they wanted to come. Take a few minutes to review the website and see some of the wonderful design wrappings that are available. You may find exactly the right theme to customize the occasions. Conversely, designing your own wrapping is certainly a possibility. Even when the candy bar is long gone, the guests will have a way to always remember the event with a personalized wrapping. This is one of the items they may look to keep for a time or maybe forever.

We can sell the candy bars as well as their wrappings. You may have your choice of bars as well as sizes. Make your special event unique when you choose from of the options presented. Use a variety of these candy and wrapper options to give your guests satisfaction. Make your event something that will give your guests a reason to smile. contact us

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Family reunions are one of the occasions to bring: fun, awkward stories and candy!

It is finally time! Everybody has taken an off from their busy schedules and are ready for a family reunion. Planning a family reunion is not an easy task; there is so much work that needs to be done, so many arrangements that need to be made. So, to take off a little burden from your shoulder. Sweet Wrappings can create candy bar wrappers that are personalized to your individual family reunion. Make this reunion a memorable one!

Each family is different and have their own reasons to plan a family reunion. It might be for a short duration or a long affair. It can be due to a reason like your grandparents 50th anniversary or without any reason. How frequently you are having a family reunion depends on your family. In these days, you forget all about what is going on in the outer world; you just enjoy this precious family time.
You reconnect with each other, are acquainted and celebrate togetherness. It gives chance to the younger kids to meet their extended families and cousins. It gives you a chance to know about your family, its heritage, culture, and traditions deeply. You make sure that everybody leaves with smiles on their faces. Every family is unique so custom wrapped Hershey’s candy bars from Sweet Wrappings it’s simple, it’s convenient, it’s personal and affordable. It’s the perfect way to make your family reunion the memorable occasion it is for you to all your important guests.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions on how to make your family reunion the most unique possible. #sweetwrappings

Friday, June 7, 2019

Order Party Favors for Graduation Now, Before the Rush

Whether your child is finishing Kindergarten or college, one statement may be made with undeniable certainty. There’s a 99.9% chance that a graduation party is in your family’s future. So what are you planning to do about it? If you hope to have one of the sweetest celebrations imaginable, we’d suggest ordering party favors for graduation now. That way, you’ll avoid the rush and ensure that your child’s special day is commemorated in true, tasty style.
When it comes to party favors for graduation, personalized bar wrappers really shouldn’t be overlooked. Why? Parents may create the personalized graduation favors far in advance and store them in anticipation of junior’s big day without fears of spoilage or space issues. In addition, leftover wrappers may be added to a scrapbook, collage, shadow box or other long lasting memento.
image of personalized graduation candy bar wrapper

Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers | Reach for The Stars

How personalized are the graduation party favors? That’s the beauty of using candy bar wrappers from Sweet Wrappings. Our party favors for graduations may be customized to the hilt without so much as a smidgen of artistic ability. Why? For starters, we have our own design team in-house. And they’ve been helping parents create personalized graduation party favors for years.

Of course our Sweet Wrappings’ team will need a bit of guidance to help determine which graduation party favor design would suit the child’s personality and the party’s overall theme. For that, we’ve compiled a list of suggestions and templates to help parents narrow down the immense field of graduation party favor options. What are some of the more popular choices? Well, many parents like to include the school’s colors and mascot as well as their child’s photos.
To learn more about how our team can design the ultimate party favors for your family’s graduation celebrations, please contact us. We’d be happy to share the sweet details

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Business Specialty Candy Wrappers Can Help You Stand Out!

In today's ultra volatile business climate it's vital for businesses small and large alike to find any competitive edge they can. Dedicated customer service, a thorough understanding of the competition and sending candies with specialty candy wrappers to clients can help set businesses apart.

Picture of Custom Business Candy wrapper

Premium Business  Incentive

So, how can sending business specialty candy wrappers to clients help you stand out?
To answer this question try putting yourself in the client's shoes. A small token like giving someone candy may seem trivial but who doesn't like to be recognized and thanked? Gestures like this tell the client, "You are important. You could've chosen to do business with someone else but you chose to work with me and I greatly appreciate it. I am invested in you and our relationship."
So many business today neglect to implement personal and thoughtful customer service. We've all had the experience of talking to a robot instead of a friendly and knowledgeable customer service person or dealing with someone at a big box store who isn't invested in making you feel wanted or welcome. While many businesses have tried to save money by cutting corners on customer service make yourself stand out. A gesture like giving a client business specialty candy wrappers is a great personal and professional way to help impress and retain clients.

Sweet Wrappings is a company that specializes in providing premium personalized custom candy wrappers for business promotions and corporate events. Personalized candy wrappers are a great way to add fun to any event or situation. Contact us today to hear about more our services!
Picture of a Personalized business candy wrapper

You're Marketing Message Custom Wrapped Around Chocolate. Sweet! 

Monday, May 13, 2019

Finish The School Year Well With Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers

Your children have worked hard all year long, putting hours into homework and studying. They have done a great job, and the school year is drawing to a close. Reward them for all they're hard work with a fun treat that they can give out to their friends and classmates on the last day of school.

pictures of personalized graduation candy bar favors

Personalized Graduation Hershey Candy Wrappers

You can design personalized candy bar wrappers with your child's photo and a list of their accomplishments from school this year, or maybe just their very favorite memories with their friends. You could even add contact information for their friends to be able to get a hold of them during the summer. A simple email address will allow their friends to make fun plans with them even though school is out. Their friends will enjoy the delicious Hershey bar inside as a fun end of the school year gift, then they can keep the really cool customized wrapper as a memory of the school year, or as a way to keep the summer contact information handy.

Your child will be so delighted to see that you have made such a really cool gift for them to hand out to the people they care about, and it will also make saying their summer goodbyes much easier, because even though they can't wait to be out of school, they will miss their friends.

For more information on how simple it is to design your own candy bar wrapper, please contact us. We are happy to walk you through the process and answer and questions you might have.