Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Business Advice from Mr. Wonka: Promotional Candy Wrappers for Edible Advertising

The name Willie Wonka often brings to mind the image of an eccentric candy maker with an entourage of oompa loompas. However, if we watch the films again more closely, we would soon realize that buried underneath the garish haircut and top hat lies the mind of a very clever business man. After all, how many CEO’s can generate so much interest in a product that it sells out worldwide? Today, more and more companies are taking a page out of Mr. Wonka’s book and using promotional candy wrappers as an advertising strategy to increase their business. Now, thanks to the help of Sweet Wrappings, you too can use candy to make a memorable impression on your customers and clients. All you need is pure imagination. 
Sweet Wrappings enables you to custom design candy wrappers that will suit all your business needs. With their wide variety of themes, you can transform your chocolate bars into virtually anything. For instance, place your company’s name, address, phone number, website and hours of operation on the candy wrapper and Voila! You have your very own candy calling card. You can even further customize the design by incorporating you own photos or company logo.
Sweet Wrappings allows you to write messages on the reverse side of your personalized candy wrapper as well. With this feature, companies could put a fun twist on Mr. Wonka’s golden ticket by printing a one-time offer for discounted products and services on the back of the wrapper. Customers could then reuse these wrappers as coupons for sweet savings! Customized candy bar coupons would also be welcome additions to any grand opening. Not only would the complimentary candy entice people to come in, but the coupon wrappers would encourage them to purchase merchandise. They’d be the ideal promotion for any new business. 
So why not create some edible advertising that Mr. Wonka would be proud of? Let Sweet Wrappings help you promote your business with your very own personalized chocolate wrappers. For further details contact us. Our oompa loompas are standing by. 

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